Download the program in detail (updated Jan. 14)

Toyoanka campus
Osaka university
Toyonaka campus
Osaka university
Hotel Hankyu
Expo Park
9:00 Opening
Scientific session

(Lunch & Poster)

Scientific session

18:45- Reception
         at Toyonaka Campus
9:00- Scientific session

Photo shoot
Informal lab tour
    in Toyonaka Campus

13:55- Excursion
       (Suntory Yamazaki Distillery)

18:00- Night Session (Banquet)
      Celebration event
          at Hotel Hankyu Expo Park
9:00- Scientific session

To attend the banquet at Hotel Hankyu Expo Park on January 16 from 18:00;
(1) a hotel bus will come to pick you up at Sigma Hall
(2) after the excursion the bus will take you to the banquet hall

Oral presentations

The Duration of invited talks is 25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. A projector will be available in the auditorium. Speakers can bring their own laptops. It is also possible to bring your talk as PowerPoint file or PDF file on a flash drive. In this case we will provide a PC (Windows7) for presentation. Please contact a stage operator to set up your presentation. In both cases, test projection is recommended before the start of your session. We would like to remind speakers that it is always prudent to bring a backup of your talk. We recommend thorough testing in advance.

Poster session

The poster session is scheduled on Tuesday, January 15th from 12:30 to 15:00. The session will be held on the first floor of Sigma Hall. A poster board for paper size A0 will be available for each poster. Materials to fix the poster to the board will be provided at the poster presentation hall. The posters should be put up before the lunch break. Authors will stand by their posters during the session. The posters should be removed immediately after the session. The authors are responsible for putting and removing their posters at the times corresponding to their sessions. Posters not removed by the indicated time will be discarded.